Records that Satisfy Regulators

Whether you're a binder person or a folder person, recordkeeping that satisfies regulators is easy with NerdNurse training modules. Follow these steps and you're done:

  1. Print a copy of every training module you purchase and keep them together in a binder or folder that is readily accessible.
  2. When your workers complete a module, keep a copy of each completed test and staple the certificate of completion to every test. File these either in the workers' personnel files or in a binder or folder of all the in-services given that month.
  3. Give a copy of the certificate of completion to each worker, so they can maintain their own files.

Now, when any auditor enters your building and asks about your in-services, pull out the training modules and the completed tests and certificates. No stress!

Most people find it works best to keep the completed tests and certificates in each individual worker's file, so it is easy to see that the worker has completed the required number of trainings. You might also want to keep a sign-in sheet with worker attendance recorded, and have those who complete the training modules on their own sign the sheet when they complete the self-study.

It's a good idea to regularly audit your worker's files yourself to make sure they haven't missed any required trainings. If you find someone who has gotten behind or missed a training, it's easy to catch them up by having them use a NerdNurse module for self-study.

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