Orienting New Employees

One of the challenges we all face is training new employees. New workers can easily get discouraged if they don't receive the help they need to learn their job. Administrators and directors of nursing are very busy people, so sitting down with a new employee for a long time isn't usually an option. You can ask a veteran employee to train the new colleague, but it's impossible to ensure that the new person gets everything they need when the orientation is entrusted entirely to someone who has another busy job to do. Further, sometimes bad habits get passed on to new employees when there isn't sufficient guidance from another source.

NerdNurse training modules can come to the rescue. Keep all your in-service modules in a notebook or file, and give them to a new employee when they start. Assign them to work through the materials and activities independently or with the help of a colleague, and administer the test from each module when they say they are ready. Doing this will give you confidence in what the new employee has learned, and the employee will feel better prepared for the job. You can have assurance that every worker in your agency or facility has received the same essential information. Further, you will have evidence for regulators that each employee has received a solid onboarding experience.

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