Navigating the Healthcare System

Are you helping an older loved one with healthcare choices? Are you planning for your own healthcare as you age? This can involve stressful decisions. This book, Getting the Best Care will help you to navigate the complex medical system. Whether you are a family caregiver or someone who has complex medical issues, you will benefit from this book. Drawing on her 20+ years as a critical care nurse and nurse anesthetist, author Margaret Fitzpatrick will help you to think about the most important question in healthcare: What is the goal? Knowing your personal healthcare goals will help your doctors to give you the care that you want and need, rather than treating you according to “standard practices.” Without having an idea of personal goals, you risk being put on the Healthcare Conveyor Belt, being run through tests and procedures that may not benefit you and may, in fact, cause you harm. Getting the Best Care will guide you to knowing how to advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Using personal stories and experiences involving patients and their families, Getting the Best Care is an easy-to-read and vital addition to your home library.

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