Maximizing Self-Study Impact

When healthcare workers can't attend a group training session, they still need to get the information and be helped to understand and apply it. Healthcare administrators need to be assured that workers who weren't in the session have met the training requirement. The best way to meet both of these needs is to require workers to complete an activity and pass a test to show their comprehension of the material.

Even if a worker is in a hurry and wants to just quickly scan through the content of a training module, requiring them to complete an activity and pass a test will help them slow down and work more carefully through the material. By getting engaged in a word game or having to answer questions, workers will have to stop, read, and think about what they have read.

NerdNurse training modules make self-study easy for workers and administrators. To help your workers get the most from a self-study session, give them the Learner's Guide content pages of the training module first and ask them to study those pages. When they have finished, you can ask them to complete the activity with the help of the content pages. If the activity works better with a group, you could have them partner up with another worker to do the activity together. Then, when they have completed the activity, you can take the content pages and activity away and administer the test. When they pass the test you can feel comfortable that they received and understood the training.

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